Retaining Value of Reprocessed Instruments

The red brochure released by the Instrument Processing Workgroup (AKI = Arbeitskreis Instrumenten-Aufbereitung) is a guideline for appropriate preparation, reprocessing, handling and maintenance of medical devices (e.g. surgical instruments, endoscopes and equipment etc.).
We recommend this brochure as an aid in handling surgical instruments.


Care and maintenance

Retaining Value
of Reprocessed Instruments

In order to ensure a longer life cycle and warranty Accuratus AG recommends complying with and implementing the specifications «Preparation and Maintenance of Reusable Surgical Instruments», taking into account specific instructions for use, warnings as well as precautionary measures and informing the users thereof.

  • Treatment of brand new instruments
  • After each use
  • Manual cleaning
  • Automated cleaning


  • Disinfection
  • Inspection and functional test
  • Packaging
  • Sterilization and sterilizations procedures


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