Hercules Grip and Cutting Forceps®

Captivating Arguments

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  • 40 % more force
  • For boring wires up to max. 3,5 mm diameter
  • Replaceable tungsten-carbide blades
  • Replaceable rubber jaws for secure grip on the boring wire


Advantages using the smaller forceps and cutters:

  • Hardly accessible operation fields and delicate works are possible
  • Especially developed for hand surgery, MMF und Plastic Surgery
  • Enormous transmission for wires up to max. Ø 1,6 mm


Accuratus AG offer with Hercules products a perfect solution for:


  • Extraction Forceps
  • Grip and Cutting Forceps
  • Cable Cutter


  • Front and Side Cutter
  • Wire Cutter
  • Titanium-Cutting plier


  • Surgical Wire Cutter
  • Plate Cutter Plier


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