We recommend for standard and bigger trays using the Aesculap Sterilcontainer PrimeLine® PRO.

Aesculap Sterilcontainer PrimeLine® PRO

PrimeLine® PRO robust aluminum container lid with lifetime filter function. The system with remarkable features and built-in compatibilty with container bottom parts manufactured since 1988. Aesculap is emphasizing its worldwide leading position as a manufacturer of sterile container systems for sterile supply in hospitals.


  • Integration of a novel permanent sterile protection technology (PSP)
  • Lifetime function (5000 cycles validated according to DIN EN 868, part 8, annex H)
  • Robust aluminum lid
  • Integrated protection of the perforation


User Benefits

  •   Reliable filter technology
  •   No filter change, saves time and money
  •   Robust aluminum lid, long lasting product life
  •   Mechanical reprocessing possible, validation study available
  •   Quick drying, shorter drying time
  •   Color coding, available in 5 colors (red, blue, green, gold and silver)
      allows distinction of different disciplines
  •   Compatible with all container bottom parts manufactured since 1988

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