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Meticulous – Accurate – Thorough

With Swissness and know-how Accuratus AG develops, manufactures and distributes innovative products in the medical technology sector.

As a service provider we work in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

Our brand Subtilis is largely manufactured at our own production plant in Bern (Switzerland).
Our suppliers of standard instruments are experienced manufacturers from southern Germany with whom we have long-standing working relationships. We are the exclusive distributor of various medical technology brands and have a wide assortment of products in stock, which we continually adapt to our customers' needs.

Already in 1997 Accuratus AG introduced a quality management system, which has been developed and extended ever since.

«All products are subject to functional, safety and quality testing. Not a single product leaves our plant without a rigid outgoing inspection, always with a focus on the benefit for patients.»

ISO 13485:2016


Founder of Accuratus AG

Patrick Küffer


Jürg Küffer



Sara Galasso

Miriam Da Silva

Karin Aeschlimann

Simon Hugi

Jean Froidevaux


Production / Repair service

Marcel Schütz

Martin Borer

Martin Küenzi


For twentyfive years Jürg Küffer developed and manufactured surgical instruments and implants for and commissioned by Professor Maurice E. Müller, who has influenced medical technology on a global level.

After this cooperation Jürg Küffer established Accuratus AG in 1992, which commenced its operative activities under the guidance of Jürg Küffer and his son, Patrick Küffer, in January 1993. The basic idea was to create a platform for surgical teams at clinics and hospitals where they were provided with the complete service range in maintenance, preparation, acquisition and selection of the various surgical instruments as well as in the manufacture of special products or new developments.

In the following years the company was able to continually expand and to firmly establish its position
on the market. The first employees were recruited and hired. In 1997, Accuratus AG was among the top companies in the medical technology sector to be successfully ISO-certified.

Since its launch in 2002 the trend-setting brand Subtilis has continually been enhanced in cooperation with leading professors and well-known partners under international copyright protection by Accuratus AG. Meanwhile the product line is globally marketed and employed for the benefit of patients.

In 2010, Jürg Küffer withdrew from the operative business. Since then the company has been managed by Patrick Küffer. Nephew DominicvonAh joined the firm in 2013. Today, Accuratus AG is supported by a well-trained, future-oriented team.


With high-quality products, Swissness, know-how and well-trained employees we create the foundations for trust and satisfied customers and suppliers. Patients are our most valuable assets in surgery and their protection our top priority in the development and manufacture of our instruments.

The well-being of patients, during and after surgery, is our main concern, regardless of their lineage and religion, age and gender.

Mission Statement

Our customers are the yardstick for our thought processes and actions.
Satisfied customers are our «employers» and our recipe for success.

With the help of our well-trained, committed and team-oriented employees we are able to
permanently ensure the required quality and quantity observing a high standard of safety.

We regard our suppliers as equal partners. Mutual trust is the basis for faultless deliveries.

Quality is a high priority in our enterprise and is reflected in our products and operating processes, which are continually being improved.

The professional, sustainable and safe handling of equipment and resources ensures
the future of our environment.

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